Fly Smarter... Think Charter!

We at Storm Flying Service would like to help you utilize your time and improve your productivity while traveling. If you have multiple stops to make or your destination is not at a major hub, or you would like to have several of your personnel make the trip, or it is essential that you be back in the office as soon as possible, CONSIDER FLYING CHARTER. If you hate standing in airport lines or just have a life other than work and like to spend time with your family. We have both single and twin engine airplanes, and courteous, well qualified and FAA certified pilots to serve your needs.

We also have information concerning services available to all airports, so call us to help you plan your trips.

Below is a brief introduction to the available aircraft and their capabilities. Keep in mind that mileage is a straight line between points figured each way.



Twin engine, seven passengers plus pilot. 200 MPH, 1500 mile range, instrument equipped, all weather with radar. Cost $3.40 per mile + 7.5% tax. 









Layover Rates

Overnight  $50 + Motel & Meals 
Between 8 am - 6 pm  $25 an hour